Friday, June 14, 2024

CHEAPEST 1370 To 1385 & 1400 Honing Methods! NEW Excel & Guides! | Lost Ark

Our NEW Guide On Gear Upgrades T3: 1370 To 1400 With An Amazing Excel From Challia!

A New Special T3 Honing Excel (WIP) *Click At Top Right Under FILE, Make A Copy To Input Your Own Vales*

Also See Our Honing Excel Guide (Showed In Video)

Big Thank You To Challia To Share With Us His Amazing Excel!

The Honng Guide Written Notes:

Guide Video On Prepare Before 1370:

Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:10 Overview
2:27 How To Make A Copy & Use Excel
4:29 New 1370 Honing Tips & Notes
9:48 My Honing Suggestions & Tips

The Honing Rates:

More Guides:
Tips On Making More Weekly Gold:
Latest Excel Market Trend Guide:
Mari Shop Discount Excel:
Chaos T3 Exchange Best Buys (Dynamic):
Mari Shop Potions Discount Calculations:
Methods Of Making Gold:
Pirate Coins Farming & Exchange Guide:
More Gold Making Guide (See Timestamp For T1 Vs T3 Maps)

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