Friday, June 14, 2024

Beginners Guide to Watercooling! Easy to Understand Tutorial

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Table of Contents
00:00 Intro
01:15 Blocks & Reservoir
02:39 Radiators
04:00 Fans
04:26 Tubing
04:44 Coolant
05:15 Fittings
06:43 Bending Tools
07:08 Installing GPU Block
10:28 Installing CPU Block
11:50 Setting Up Radiators
14:14 Radiator Placement
16:23 Installing Pump
19:04 Using Fittings In Place Of Bends
20:29 Flow Order
22:17 Tube Bending
30:23 Filling & Leak Testing
37:05 Final Thoughts


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  • Im a noob and ive done messed up 2 boxes of tube trying to hook 2 rads up to one cpu since my waterblock doesnt fit my gpu. Now i gotta try n snag a 3080

  • How much would something like this set you back?

  • Going to put the fittings at the top, installs them on the bottom.

  • No disrespect do a video using a blow dryer see if it will bend the tube

  • @jayztwocents best way to mark tubing is with a chalk box! c:

  • Awesome tutorial….Great Job

  • I have a question. Does the liquid thats flowing through the radiator move the fans on the radiator or is it just the cool the radiator?

  • I've never water cooled a pc, but I was just thinking, what's to stop you using a siphon to move the water into the pump, instead of having a tube/funnel or fancy squeezey bottle? in the same way you can change water in a fish tank, and let gravity do the work?

  • is there a water block for the AORUS GEFORCE RTX 3060Ti elite? I have been looking everywhere

  • @ JayzTwoCents why you are not using the MB waterblock too in the loop?

  • Watching this while cleaning the kitchen XD

  • I bend conduit for low voltage work all the time. This will be a piece of cake.

    Boy, was I wrong

  • this might sound stupid but can i fit a 3 fanned gpu with the custom water cooling for the corsair 5000D? thanks

  • C S

    I like this guy. He explains things for a layman like me. I'm new to PC building and want to do my very first here soon to replace my old laptop.

  • Water cooling = completely unnecessary
    + Not really worth the risk too

  • I’d like an all said and done cost for something like this. Going with one supplier makes things significantly easier but even a generic cost would be nice.

    We talkin 300 bucks? Or 600?

    Cost varies based on parts, I know, but having a baseline is helpful for planning. I gotta figure that set up there cost at least 400-500 bucks.

    All the fittings and tubes, GPU block, CPU block, and reservoir. Plus you’ve got the toolkit and since this is a beginners guide, likely an added cost for a heat gun.

  • Hey super quick I'm trying to water cool my evga 3080ti ftw3 but it says that the corsair ones are not compatible do you or anyone else have a preference here?

  • Do they have a water block for the EVGA GeForce Rtx 3080ti? If not do you have any recommendations? Thank you so much!

  • Never seen a video like this where you don't list parts/links in the description. Especially if there's affiliate links.

  • that looks hella expensive… i believe upgrading your GPU would be a much bettter option… and less complex

  • I've been thinking about water cooling my setup, and I think J's video convinced me to pull the trigger on the corsair setup. Great video!

  • Why not use a pencil to mark it?

  • I think I'm going to sell my 4×4 truck and buy one of these!!

  • Dumb question so would the card not fit in this build if it is not water cooled? It's looks so much skinnier yet it is still touching the ram.

  • I'm watching this on a $200 laptop I've had for 4 years. Can't wait to get hit by a city bus so I can build one.

  • I will make same setup what psu(wattage) you recomend,gpu is 3070 ti strix and cpu amd 5900x

  • The corsair corsair configurer wants me to get some Icue controller. Do I need this? Or do you plug all your rgb cables in the motherboard board?? 🤔

  • Can I just use my beer bong to fill?

  • I am just watching this now as I am researching cooling. How well does this drain given the drain is not at the lowest point in the system?
    How often would maintenance need to be done on a system like this?
    Aside from that, thank you for making this look pretty simple.

  • What coloring is he using? I just got my water cooling stuff but don’t know what dye he used

  • why is the water tube going from the GPU to the CPU then to the radiator wouldn't that make the water hotter going to the cpu?

  • If you're good with a mini torch you can use that to bend tubing just rotate it for even heat.

  • This video does help a lot. As my next PC upgrade/rebuild will be going towards water cooling vs just air. I thank you for doing this and I'm sure many others as well.

  • last post if you want real cooling. use soft copper tube. you can get it everywhere in spools car quest princess auto etc… now you have pipes that will not only not permeate over time you just added more mass to your cooling. copper dissipates heat 🙂 or u can just avoid the bullshit and buy liquid freezer 280 clc or nhd14. air cooling still makes so much more performance sens. water cooling is art. what i mean is u still need fans to cool your vrm etc lol….. i've hear water rigs louder then my full positive pressure setup with airflow forced over components and the case is ducted, hot gpu air actually leaves the case etc.water is one of those things u do once and realize fuck that tower coolers should just get bigger.

  • make a manual jig for bending pipe unless you do this for a living.

  • if the pump and reservoir are not in the radiator why bother? buy a real size radiator and ignore the res and save money. its literally pointless for performance. this is 2008 water cooling only not as cool just low tech lol. put a piece of silver in your loop, you wont get algae and just use distilled water, honestly you can use windshield washer fluid/radiator fluid if you know what your pump is made of. also buy a pump that can be replaces.

  • dont invest in a company's proprietary bullshit. cause they all eventually go bankrupt etc. use basic plumbing fittings. u can even use pex pipe now lol. if your not running a custom loop, d14/d15/arctic 280 clc u dint do ur homework my d14 still crushes on am4 cant even justify replacing the d14 for 3% more overclock. it still has original fans from 2012 and my pc's always under some load- also lapped my nh d14 and 3600 it helped at most 3-4c still want to get the nh d14 honed by a professional all the way to the heatpipes. example. direct pipe to ihs/cpu die delided = better fuck the nickle plating. your cooler wont rust….

  • blocks can be machined at your local steel shops using w/e material you want. how big u want etc. tap some air fittings on the block and use air hose, air hose is the toughest shit consumers can buy, or go dunlop hydraulic cable which is still cheaper then corsair stuff and its steel braided/rated for 10 000 psi minumum. full gpu blocks are easy to make you can even custom make them with sheets of acrylic and some gaskets. this corsair shit is shit. obvious paid advertisement.
    almost none of these components are available in canada. motorcycle radiator's/ super small car are not only cheaper but more effective then these junk rads. lkr 650- has a dirt cheap full aluminum rad its about a 280 or better. then for pump even a good quality basic dc pump is cheap and buy 2(if your real cool, have both pumps in line so when 1 fails ur not fucked.

  • wish you would do a carquest/wallmart/canadian tire sketchy parts build. you can buy much better pumps for cheaper then the "gamer" pumps

  • Ya, but what about space to be able to change your ram, you tube is blocking it.

  • Do you add more thermal paste when they have it pre pasted? within reason ive been hearing that its better to have more than not enough

  • Not sure if anyone else mentioned it, but wiping off the factory thermal transfer paste and using a higher quality is an easy way to ensure the absolute best efficiency!

  • Do you do custom build for customers? As in if i paid you, would you build it?

  • That particular mobo has a custom vrm water block. Every video I've looked at with this specific board doesn't make use of the block with the rest of the loop. The holes are in an awkward spot and it makes it difficult to make it look nice. Air cooling the vrms will work just fine too. But I would try and use it because it's there.

  • Can i buy this from you

  • Jay: To fill the water pump, what I like to do is use a vinyl tubing, a long nosed funnel, and a barbed fitting. This allows me to thread it on the water pump, and fill it.

    Jay 10 seconds later: fills it with a squeeze bottle

  • How do you get the air out of the front radiator?

  • What are those tubes I can't seem to find them anywhere

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