Sunday, May 26, 2024

8 Years Since BITCOIN Did THIS (Lengthening CYCLES DEAD!!!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

What We Discuss:
12:36 Market Watch
24:00 BTC/ETH Charts
37:41 Ben Cowen
45:10 Victory Day
50:16 Stablecoins Next!?
58: 59 Instagram NFTs
1:04:45 LFG’s $1.5B
1:07:50 ADA’s Contracts
1:10:08 XRP Loves Japan
1:11:47 Quick Hits/Q&A

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  • Dude! From 10 predictions you make, 2 come out right. Talk about 2 that whent wrong, forget about the other 6 wrong predictions. Wake up! It’s not for no reason people hate fore the right reason. Watch your own content back.

  • Yea but it still recovered so this one will definitely do the same .

  • Bitcoin wins. Bitcoin the stablecoin!

  • Uncle Bit…I got this wrong too! But either way I win! You win too!

  • Bitboy you are the man! Screw the haters!

  • I usually agree with you, but in one case I don't. There is definitely room for new layer ones. Somehow Bitcoin bornt. Somehow Ethereum bornt. The innovation cannot stop.

  • im here bitboy i need to break these chains that are on me its killing me

  • Fatso, you were calling for above 100k Q4 2021, stop trying to tell everyone you were somehow right about everything, you're a joke.

  • 4 year cycles definitely matter but to call it more important than adoption is missing a big chunk of logic. I can limit supply of my art as often as I like but if no one wants it it’s still worth zero. However if countries start using my art as reserves that moves the needle quite a bit more.

  • BTC is going to hit 10k and all crypto will be cut in half by the end of the year. The dollar is super strong and they can’t print more cash cause the Fed already FUCKED IT! GET OUT!!!!

  • Nah Richard Hearts channel is the go.

  • I'm super pumped about this down market I just wish I had a tone more money to put in. There's a rich future a few years from now. F the cry babies and haters for not having forward looking insight.

  • ERIC KROWN was right….just sayin.

  • im only down 50% from my entry
    that's nothing compared to the cycle top
    im just waiting it out saving all my PTO

  • That's an amazing looking shirt I'll have to get mine after I take profits in the bull market. Right now I wanna get as much BTC and eth as I can, with dry powder for alts when the bear is over.

  • Ben- we’ve never met but we will work together one day. Your an OG LEGEND in this space. YOU PREACHED that 2022 would be the worst we have ever seen. Nailed it ! Keep working for all of the SQQUAD and I hope to meet soon!

  • Yeah man I'm going to listen to you because you use a program with green dots to tell you when to buy and sell. Never listen to a YouTuber whose goal is to have a lot of views. He will always prioritize his channel over giving good information. As the sheeple ride the bear down the mountain…

  • So now is not the time to buy into alts, but is it time to accumulate alts?

  • I came to watch but left at 4:00 because of ego.

  • Watch your high blood pressure, stop letting the list see comments set you off. Actions in Crypto will ALWAYS shutter those critics after moon in future.

  • I like the mentality you guys have now! I have adopted that Easy, Peazy, Japaneasy!! Type LONG TERM mind set!!!

    Thanks for ALL YOU GUYS & GALS DO!!!
    “Mr X” did not have the end goal answers”)

    Don’t get all pissy about that. I AM BIT SQUAD ALL THE WAY! It’s just how some previous statements may have came off to subs/viewers as if…. You was ‘THE ROCK’ taking a Stone Cold STUNNER!!!
    Sold it like no other! Just be cautious, like you have been these last couple months. Give your thoughts on the subject, but remember, NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE!!!! & i may be wrong but you don’t have a time machine do you??


    Again, I’m all in with the Bit Squad & I’m grateful for the insight for certain topics/ insight!

    I am no ‘yes man’ though….

    Bit Squad, LETSS GOOOO!!!!!!

  • Feel and in a bear market are two different things. Bitcoin is not in a bear market its holding the higher lows its TA 101. If we lose 28k its a bear market. Stick to the news folks what youre actually good at. I say this with love. If you talk technical when you have no technical experience you lose credibility. Just ask 5 TA experts if you dont want to learn.

  • There are so many haters on this channel now it’s f**king annoying! F**k ‘em BEN! Keep doing your thing. I’m with you bro. I got in late. Started watching your channel in Q1 2021 and it has paid off like a MF!! Thank you!

  • 47:11 best thing I've heard in a while 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • I don’t know why u guys think u NEED to predict what the market is going to do. Just give us the news and tell us to DCA coz u believe in crypto… that way u don’t have to go on rants to defend things u got wrong

  • Load up on $CTX and $INV on Coinbase on this crypto dip. Investors will invest into the safest lowest market cap coins. Thank me later! Thanks to trading at age 24, I’m able to afford my new Tesla and new BMW M340i. You can get some nice cars too! 🙏🏻🔥🚀🌕💰


  • media wants to spread fear and maybe new comers are scared but if no one from 2020,not even the first half,those who entered 2nd half of the 2020 into the market,no one even scared or selling.

    what is happening is that youtube channels are trying so hard to show or make people to fear.

    and since retail investors are holding strong and all YouTubers screaming bear market,so we are in bullrun still and correction is over and bottom is in.

    we'll never go below 31k and tommorrow pump to the higher prices starts

  • terra luna and sol proves how low iq crypto is
    literally sun and moon worshipping

  • Never sign up for Frankie! You shirt BTC and ETH, you are the problem that compounds down days!

  • 59:50 teach these people about economic cycles and how you expand and contract moeny supply via interest rates to create booms and busts in growth of businessess
    and deflation is necessary to shake out weak business with poor financial management who cannot afford to operate or maintain loans
    its like going to the gym
    rip muscle so it grows back stronger
    people are so uneducated and they get mad i you talk to much lol

  • This guy had all these price predictions at the end of last year that were way off. Way off. He threw a lot of specific price ranges around that didn’t come close and then he back peddles out of any accountability.

  • Lets see how great you feel when it goes to $1

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