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15 MUST-KNOW Shiba Inu Pros and Cons ( Before You Get One )

Some people have a tendency to ignore the Shiba Inu pros and cons that exist and wind up taking on a dog that they’re not prepared for.

Don’t get me wrong, with how cute and cuddly they look as a puppy as well as an adult, it isn’t a hard thing to overlook.

But it happens, and the dog’s nature isn’t addressed throughout its youth and during Shiba Inu training, and before you know it, the dog is either in charge or relocated.

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0:00 Introduction
2:18 Pros Cuteness
3:50 X Cons Stubborn Behavior
4:06 X Cons “Aloof” Dogs
4:36 X Cons High Prey Drive
4:52 X Cons “Blow Their Coats”
5:16 X Cons Dramatic Dogs
5:48 X Cons Expensive Breed


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  • I swear my late Toffee was part Shiba Inu-

  • You missed one pro:
    emergency food looks like a loaf of bread

  • So, basically, they are a mini Siberian Husky.😂😂😂

  • Had a Black and Tan shiba back in the late 90’s. No one really knew the breed then. Cars used to pull over all the time to ask me what breed it was when I was walking him. Loved Yoshi with all my heart up until the time he bit my one year old in the face. All he did was pet him. Needless to say we adopted him out to a wonderful older couple with no kids. Now that me kids are in there 20’s I’m thinking about getting one.

  • I do love my Shiba Inu, but be aware that they are sometimes aggresive towards other dogs and people. Keep that in mind if you want this kind of dog.

  • Very accurate explanation. Nice video.

  • i’ve thought of getting a shiba inu or a samoyed and i decided to get a shiba, b-but $1200? 😨

  • To expensive for Me 🤗

  • Mine loves following me everywhere he can, and seems to love most people and even likes being picked up and carried.
    Super easy to train when it came to tricks, but harder to potty train for some reason. So he's a bit backwards compared to most shiba.

    Also if you offer the 'wrong' treat that's usually when he becomes the most vocal. Otherwise, he's quiet.

  • This is very helpfull,im getting a shiba soon,thanks for this information!

  • I have a shiba inu (she’s 6 years old now) and omg she is so dramatic. I swear she reacts like people. And you can tell when a tantrum is brewing. But she’s so cute and they really are loyal. She doesn’t mind cuddles and isn’t even protective over her bones (although that might be through training because I used to and sometimes still do literally hold her bone for her while she chews it because I spoil her and it makes it easier for her to chew). Either way if you can make it past the first year (definitely the hardest) I totally recommend them.

  • Ohh I thought the crypto

  • Seems a bit redundant to call them "Shiba Inu". the word 'Inu' is Japanese for dog. That's like calling them Shiba dog dogs lol.

  • Shiba Inus are biters.

  • I could not live without them. Much easier than a husky to live with. My first one lived 14 years and then I had to get a second one because I was so sad without her. They are quirky, intelligent, affectionate in their own way and loyal. Once you understand them, you will have a great relationship.

  • This video applies to all the Japanese breeds.
    I live with a Kaiken who is aloof but she is the reason for me to get up in the morning.

  • I have never seen a well trained Shiba. Not even at medium sized shows. Maybe to walk on leash, stand and that's about it. I have been looking since 1962 when our family became the united nations…lol

  • To be honest, Shiba is my motivation to get my first pet. I am more likely "either Shiba either no pet" 😀 I am soon moving to my own apartment and would like to know from people here if that would still be a good idea to get a Shiba. Again, I did my research on so many different breads and to me Shiba would be the best choice. Still, saw some people commenting that it is not an ideal first dog but still would like to get one. Maybe there is a way to get educated/experienced beforehand without owning a dog?

  • "They clean themselves"
    Me: It's a cat
    "They are stubborn"
    Me: It's a cat
    "They are more aloof"
    Me: It's a cat
    "They are mostly quiet but when they make noise, make weird noises"
    Me: IT'S A CAT

  • I’ve been watching this video with my mom because I want one so badly! Love this video it’s great 😉

  • Now I want a shiba Inu xD

  • Wait so from the comments, I kind of get that this breed is more akin to a cat (temperament-wise). I've been taking care of Siamese cats for a really long time now and looking to get a Shiba somewhere down the line (I want to be confident with my research first before deciding). My question is, how prepared am I to look after a Shiba dog considering my extensive experience looking after cats? I imagine some aspects of looking after them are transferrable.

  • My baby girl was a Shiba mix, and sadly died due to very old age. She developed mental problems due to her age, and I miss her every day. She was 16 by the time, 12 years with me.

  • I had heard all of this before deciding to get one, except how athletic they are, mine keeps up with a Whippet in speed and a Staffordshire in strength, that surprised me a lot.

  • everyone in the Comments are talking about their Shiba, while i'm here just enjoying the Video

  • There's a stray dog that hangs around our neighborhood, that looks a lot like a Shiba. No one owns him, but we all give him food and pet him every day, my neighbor even lets him sleep inside her house from time to time. He is so adorable, he is our dollar store Shiba n.n

  • Basically a husky but more cute than cool

  • Another thing everybody says, I mean everyone says "she is so cute,she looks just like a fox, what breed is she?

  • We are in Canada, got her in July. When winter came–Joy, she loves the snow, deeper the better, Quite vocal, makes several noises from barking to a gentle whine.Generally makes a number of demands each day. for walks. Loves children, esp little girls,

  • Have my shib for 6 years by now and I'm so happy having her. We don't really train her. She is loyal, healthly and she cleans herself. A shib is totally recommended.

  • I dont know if its just mine but I've seen a lot of sheebs with a stealing issue

  • I paid 6k for mine 😑 it was just 10 weeks old as well

  • Biggest pro :- They are DOGE ..

  • Some Insight I knew well, a Shiba Inu from its' adolescence until his late adult life. I also cared for it for extended periods one year. The new owner considered it a runaway and it was apparently given opportunity to run away home again but stayed.
    ▪ All animals are intelligent, Shiba Inus are very intelligent.
    ▪ The dog spent much of its life in a rural area which was ideal in terms of a large area of running room and fresh air. The dog however, had never lost its wanderlust and so, was best walked elsewhere on a leash.
    ▪ After some time, a leash was not necessary for his owner. Shiba Inus are very loyal but I would add; especially to one person if well loved.
    ▪ He successfully sniffed out and attacked a small critter while on a walk and a leash, I didn't get a good look because it was hidden in the bushes but I tried checking after I got him away. It had made no cat noises so it must have been something else, however if your dog exhibits aggressiveness towards cats, that example would indicate extra care if necessary. This dog did not attack the cats the same houses but did seek to play the way 2 dogs would play. That worked for one of 2 Cats and I would add, only occasionally for the one.

    ▪ Siamese Cats are considered more like a Dog in their demeanor but are also Lap Cats.

    ■ Whatever you do, please be sure to plan well into the future. I love my Siamese Cat and wouldn't hesitate to have several animals at once if I could provide the same high level of care that I can provide now. My living situation will be different in the near future however, so I intend to care for my Cat on his schedule before I move on with mine. My best friend will be my last pet.

    I recommend the following in-depth Video from Japan News Television : "Digging Deep : What makes a Shiba Inu Dog so special" ->

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