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10 Things Only Shiba Inu Dog Owners Understand

10 Things Only Shiba Inu Dog Owners Understand

Many have seen this dog, but some are not aware of what breed they are, or what they are like as household pets. The Shiba Inu, a very popular dog meme on the internet, originated in Japan. This very cute dog was all over the internet starting from 2013 up to this day.
With their fox-like appearance combined with their fluffy coat, this breed will surely melt everyone’s heart. Not only do they have adorable appearances, but the Shiba Inu has a lot more to offer.

If you’re wondering what it feels like to have a Shiba Inu in your house, then you’ve come to the right place because for this video, we’re going to talk about 10 things only Shiba Inu dog owners understand. But before we begin, make sure to subscribe on our channel Animal Insider for your daily dose of dog-related content. If you’re ready, then let’s begin!


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  • I just got one in January. He's awesome. Don't know what I'd do without him now.

  • We live in Germany, which is an INCREDIBLY dog friendly country, so we take our Shiba with us everywhere. We have to explain to people constantly that her excited Shiba screams do not mean that something is wrong. We also have been told that, if people can’t see her and can only hear her, they think it sounds like an injured child.🤣

  • Shiba inu's are quiet dogs… Coming inside means a happy Shiba scream with airplane ears of happiness. My other dog learned him to 😂. Also, him being off leash isn't a problem. He's way too scared I'm leaving without him!

  • Also their tail can tell you what mood they on in.

  • My little buddy is such a good boy. He broke many stereotypes but he loves talking so much!! And he is very skeptical of others. But with me he’s the sweetest boy

  • I miss my Shiba, Cody so much. He was such a good dog. ♥️😘😢

  • my shiba inu is almost 7 months and he’s actually really social and loves people and kids. but when he gets mad at me (like when I tell him no and such), he starts biting me and snarling. any tips?

  • My shiba is the sweetest. Not aloof at all. She’s smart, know a lot of keywords “ball” “shower” “treat treat”.. she’s cream color, and ever so regal

  • R C

    Shiba Inus also love to play with bigger dogs. Not sure about others but mine loves to be bitchy and then cower away when the big dog actually attack back. It's hilarious lol. I suppose it's because they have that dominant trait (they used to be hunter dogs) and want to challenge bigger dogs. So better watch out for that when taking them to the dog park.

  • We live in an semi-rural area with homes on 1 to 5 acres very nice and Serra ( an Eight year old Shiba) loves to walk along the road and it never fails that 4 or 5 cars will stop on the road and ask What is she? and She looks like a fox.

  • agree my shiba quite stubborn,his training going well but he won't listen to me without holding foods, just do it's own things like never heard of those words

  • I love seeing fellow Shiba owners talking abour their precious doggos in the comments 😀 I wanna know your guys' Shiba's names! Mine is Bento <3

  • Quiet? I have a mix, Shiba/shepherd, that does the scream. She likes to watch YouTube animal videos, and does plenty of screaming. Wants out? Level 5 screaming. Playing? Scream. I had to warn the new neighbors, in case they called the cops on me for cruelty.

  • I wish my shiba inu would be reserved towards stranger

  • Our shiba inu always scream lol

  • I've been blessed to have a shiba in my life for the last 25 years . My first one was a black and tan male and a total goofball . My current one is a rescue female and is more a rug who loves cuddles and food . Both drama queens when you trim their claws

  • I love my shiba inu, she’s almost 6yrs old now and she’s a Black and Tan one. I enjoy watching videos of other shibas because it makes me appreciate just how different shibas are from other breeds. Mine of course has the same mannerisms as the ones in this video, and they are just so unique compared to other breeds. They are so graceful and intelligent. Mine is a little more cuddly than others I think but she does want them on her terms lol. I would recommend a shiba to anyone but only if they can handle it. This breed is amazing but a handful at first even if you’ve had other dogs, you might not be prepared for the amount of nonsense they can get into. But they are good dogs and we get stopped all the time on walks by curious people. Many think she’s some sort of mini husky or a puppy and are surprised that she’s full grown.

  • I agree with everything except for being easy to train. Mine is stubborn af. And I have to manipulate her or she will manipulate me😂

  • I love my shiba 🥰 she’s 13 years strong 💪🏽🐕 she has so much personality!

  • My Shiba actually comes to me to get cuddles quite often😂

  • Very accurate video coming from a shiba owner 🙂
    Although I will say… shibas as NOT easy to train. While they are incredibly smart, they are the most stubborn dog you will ever come across. They can be trained but it isn't for everybody. It requires extreme patience and consistency. But it's all well worth it

  • my shiba inu is 17 years old and mostly deaf,but she's still all attitude,lol. her favorite activity is to charge at the gate snarling whenever joggers get to close to the house.

  • I have a female 3 year old Shiba inu 🐕

  • This video was really helpful!

  • Another thing about Shibas: They don't like strangers–unless they're kids. Mine adored small children.

  • Shiba Inus are a very elegant and intelligent breed of dogs, look like a teddy, clever like a fox. But they can be stubborn and have a cat like personality to easily ignore you if it is not to their best interest, which is usually food. There are not too keen on petting or cuddling, very aloof about cuddles, and shed a lot, but they are super clean and easily potty trained…but not really for first time dog owners.

  • My dog don't like people to be mean to kids real protective and he loves people he's a great dog smart he sits and shakes his paw and lays down he's sticks by my son he's downsyndrome my son sings to our dog and and the dog loves it

  • My shibabinu like the vet and also like to take a bath…🤦🏻‍♀️😆

  • Shiba Inu 🐕💓💓💓💓💓

  • If I had a dollar for every time some one has told me my Shiba pup looks like a fox… I'd have a million dollars. 😒

  • Very true video. Like.

  • 100% agree, they are smart but they often choose to ignore their human haha

  • make a rottweiler video

  • Awesome video, I am a shiba inu owner as well, thank you.

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