Saturday, September 23, 2023

World's Fastest Blockchain? Tech Pay Coin Review | Hindi

TechPay is a pBFT & DAG-based Infinitely Scalable Layer-1 Blockchain featuring an unparalleled performance with transaction fees equivalent to a fraction of a cent. Transactions on TechPay Network attain finality in 500 Milliseconds with the utmost decentralization courtesy of the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Consensus Algorithm.

TechPay Coin (TPC) refers to the native currency of the TechPay network, which is utilized to pay for transaction fees and Staking reward users who participate in the network’s consensus cycle. TechPay has a fixed supply of 6 Billion TPC, with an inflation-resistant mechanism to the network, which burns 30% of the total transaction fees employed in each block.

The TechPay convention is intended to tackle three of the most severe issues blockchains face—Security, Decentralization, and Scalability. Named the “blockchain trilemma”, the TechPay network professes to resolve the aforementioned three significant issues.

TechPay developed the Sirius protocol. Sirus combines the Acyclic Directed Graph (DAG) and the Practical Byzantine Fault-Tolerant ( pBFT ) consensus, making transactions possible to be processed and signed securely with unrivalled speed.

As the number of transactions between every shard is raised, the threat of Blockchain centralization is mitigated, and energy demand is drastically decreased because hashing power is not needed to meet the next block.

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