Tuesday, December 5, 2023

what is Altcoin Explained | Cryptocurrency For beginners | Part 3 | Hindi

In this part we have discussed in details about what are Altcoins cryptocurrencies. I have given the list of altcoins available in the market. I have guided about the types of altcoins that are there.We have discussed about the history of altcoins. we have discussed the different Categories of cryptocurrencies. You will also get an answer is ethereum an altcoin? Various altcoins we have discussed are Ethereum, XLM, XRP, DOGE, ETC, LTC. Also Minable coins and non minable coins, POS, POW, POCs also

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0:00 What are Altcoins?
3:19 Types of cryptocurrencies? POW and POS coins.
5:08 Coinmarketcap website
7:56 Where to buy Altcoins?
9:51 Risks in Altcoins

I am following Cryptocurrency since 2014. I have learned from my own mistakes and setbacks. I want to use my experience and share maximum technical knowledge in a simple way. This Channel is dedicated for all the technical stuff related to the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is already a complex technology, so I try to explain in a simple way and sometimes with Graphics too.
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