Sunday, May 28, 2023

Top NFT Projects Releasing in March | New NFTs

In this video we will talk about the Most Hyped & Top New NFT projects that will be releasing in the month of March! We will be breaking down Interfaces, Mutant Shiba Club, Antonym, & DAPE. I’ll provide all the release details & give some of my opinions on them.

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0:00 – 1:07 Top New NFT Projects March (Intro)
1:08 – 6:30 Interfaces
6:31 – 11:57 Mutant Shiba Club
11:58 – 17:21 Antonym
17:22 – 22:28 Dape
22:29 – 23:26 Final Thoughts
23:27 -23:45 Outro

Financial Disclaimer:
This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This channel is for entertainment and expressing my opinions. Please do your own research and make your own decisions.

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  • The metaverse project? Great! i following Zombie World Z metaverse gamefi too. They released game but the metaverse will upgrade this month soon.

  • Those projects are on🔥. I just found another one called Crypto Thots, can you make a review on it? 🙏

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  • Watch out – New NFT Game – DRAGON WAR

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  • another great video with a lot of info, I'm most interested in the upcoming interfaces project, coming in with no roadmap, discord and only using twitter. seems like a bold move but its going to work for them, another project i wanted to mention was calcium4bones, its the latest project i have joined and the community is amazing, so much interaction and events almost daily definitely worth checking out, thanks for the video again 🙂

  • Interfaces is the only project from this video I've never heard of. It really takes it to another level – no roadmap, no discord, no utility, just artwork. Well, that's… new. I'll def watch the project with great interest, thank you for sharing.

    Could you share your thoughts about Calcium4Bones? They had this crazy live event on YT yesterday, first time I saw anything like that happening to an NFT project. No announcements no warnings – one moment it's all fine and dandy, and then suddenly the entire discord gets locked. Channels disappear, people confused and panicked, no comments on what's going on. Then a YouTube link appears in the group, and it was just gorgeous. The minting they had (first stage) slowed down towards the end, but after the event, the rest of NFTs were sold out almost instantly. Stage 2 is coming, so I'd really appreciate a proper review of this project.

  • Hello Bro ! Can you take a Look at Crazyhuskies? On 25 march Gonna be mint of gen 2 . When g2 arrives Staking breeding mutation and merchandise will start ! Huskies are living on Sol Blockchain. Discord is private but our devoted and active devs are doing daily entry giveaways on twitter! Peace bro and good Luck. PS dont miss out this chance!!!

  • I really love your videos and the info you provide , always is bullish for me !!! thank you, im really in the Oddlings Game Club, i like this NFT project and according to everything i have learned from you , im sure this project will be successful , they already got a game and they bought land on the sandbox metaverse, thank you again for introduce me to the NFT world and change my live !!!

  • These pics go hard, feep free to screenshot

  • Thank you for this video, very insightful ,also a very big thank you to jeff_codes on Instagrambought a Doodles Whitelist from him and I’ve minted it successfully, he has two more Doodles Whitelist spot for sale ,I had to share with my NFT family .share or retweet to a crypto lovers!!!

  • Check out DASK! (Dead Army Skeleton Klub)

  • Oh man, I really love your videos and the time you put into them! They are so helpful! My associates and I created Oddlings Game Club NFT project that I think fits all the things you say, make a good project. Thanks for all you contribute to the community!

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