Sunday, December 3, 2023

Ranking The Wonderlands Classes! Class Guide & Synergies // Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Today we take a look the classes and which one is right for you! Thanks to 2K for the early access. If you enjoy the video, be sure to drop a like, comment and subscribe!

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0:00-0:25 Intro
0:26-3:07 Spore Warden
3:08-5:05 BrrZerker
5:06-7:04 Spellshot
7:05-9:00 Clawbringer
9:01-10:53 Graveborn
10:54-12:30 Stabbomancer
12:31 Tierlist

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  • I am live playing Wonderlands & Answering all your questions!

  • But clawmaker is a great class …clawmaker sporewarden status effect build is fun. Everything CM does gives fire or lightning damage…taking damage, your guns, melee attacks…a elemental damage aura…then your wyvern n mushroom fire breath n poison cloud…companion buffs from the SW, it’s crazy dps

  • I think this was a test run for bl4…3 was okay but getting stale…adding a class system like this with new abilities n spells is game changing IMO

  • That moment when your first character is a Clawbringer+Brrzerker 😢, I mean the character is very fun but damn does it fall off at late game

  • My main is a Morticulturalist. I let hydras and mushroom do the killing

  • just getting started with TTW. so lets say in BL3 i was a Moze main, what class is most like Moze?

  • I just want to know which is the best fire tank class to use to protect my kiddo.

    Help anyone? Betting Clawbringer right?

  • I love playing as stab warden

  • Does anyone know if there's a support type class in this game?

  • I've been running Graveborn with a self heal build with vamp blades and shield that heals you when you get hit. It's been a ton of fun and I feel tanky

  • B L

    does doing crit damage with from the shadows proc wrath with nature?

  • I don't know what talking about my clawbringer / spellshot is amazing and game just cuz I have a ward that has 30,000 you just don't have a a clue on how to make it goof

  • I restarted 3 times to find sum I liked

  • Brrzerker Spore Warden is THE BEST duo

  • One of clawbringer's strongest things is the Thor's hammer ulti thing. 6-8 second cooldown if you instantly recall it. Very strong with enchants, and also exploitable if you know what you're doing ^^

  • I just want to point out I don't have any problem with content like horde modes or conquer Chambers; the problem I do have is the fact that players are pretty much forced to do conqueror chambers that there's no alternative way to farm for legendaries.. I feel like you should be able to farm for bosses for particular legendaries just like we did in Borderlands 3, but if you wanted a chaotic version of an item then yeah you should do conqueror Chambers. Simply players shouldn't be forced to just do conquer Chambers. When you force players to do repetitive content over and over and over they get sick and tired of it that they delete the game or they have a physical copy will try to get a refund.

    I'm just really really against the fact the season pass is just an upgrade of conqueror Chambers it should be a free thing like it would have been one thing if it offered story DLCs like I said in my other comment.. I just don't have anything against this game I just feel like the endgame should just be more than just a horde mode. If not like I don't have the money to buy this game it's just I don't want to waste my money on a product that probably would only last for like 20 hours usually when I buy a video game I make sure they can last long term something that I can play for several weeks not something I could finish within 3 days lol

  • There should be more of a choice in terms of getting the stuff you need for your build you shouldn't be forced to do conqueror Chambers you should have an option either to do conqueror Chambers to get your items that you need for your build or just go out and play the game. It just seems like to me gearbox is just for some players to do conquer Chambers just like how in Borderlands 3 there really wasn't an extensive a good reason to even do the different kind of raids. it seems like gearbox is just taken ideas from Bungie where they just forced players to do content against their will because they have no other choice because they need particular gear..
    I just hope in the future gearbox realizes this is a terrible idea only make it where you can Farm bosses and Conquer Chambers doing a horde mode repetitive back and forth back and forth to get the right item you need based on the right stat roll that is repetitive and boring and people will just leave the game most people will probably get a refund..
    As I said previously the season pass it is not worth $30 it should just be a free update because that's basically what it is it's just an update of conquer Chambers it would've been one saying if it offered let's stay story DLCs

  • On paper this game seems like a good idea to expand the Tiny Tina assault DLC from Borderlands 2.. however there are a lot of problem with this game it feels like it's too much of a YouTuber Focus type of product…
    – you can't farm for items most of the good items that you need to have a strong build you have to do conqueror Chambers.. it's not like Borderlands 3 where you can just go out and farm a boss and just get what legendary you're looking for… you have to constantly redo conqueror Chambers..
    – something I heard from other reviewers is that when you play solo early in the game you have to constantly change your build in order to progress further in the story or to progressed further into the game. In other words you basically have to keep looking at YouTube videos to adjust your build in order to play a game that you paid $60 for.. Papa that the amount of content you get separate from the Conqueror Chambers it's not equivalent to a $60 product more like a $20 product.. I really was going to buy this game because I have played Borderlands since Borderlands 1..
    – the reason I see this product as a YouTuber Focus product is the fact since you can't farm from most of these legendary items in the game you have to go and look up a YouTube video how to properly finish a conqueror chamber. Content where you have to do a horde mode constantly and constantly just to get loot it is extremely repetitive and it gets very old very quick. Not to mention the thirty bucks season pass the content is just an expansion of that particular repetitive content it's not even a traditional DLC..
    I have no idea what the f*** gearbox was thinking to make a $30 season pass where it's just the same content over and over and over.. what they should have done is have half of the season pass offer an upgrade of conquer Chambers and then the other half offer us a actual traditional DLC maybe 2 or 3 story DLCs now that would be worth 30 bucks

  • ClawbringerXStabbomancer is god tier on status damage

  • Have they gone crazy on nerfing stuff yet like they did in BL3? I stopped playing BL3 when they started nerfing everything

  • if you play the brr zerker as melee and focus on melee skills it's easily S tier imo but to really get the most out of the melee you really need a good weapon. dark magic on the melee weapon and using a cryo weapon until you get close to melee is alot of fun.

  • i started clawbringer and sub classed stabbo. The early game was rough going for a melee build im about level 30 now. Not at end game yet but im having alot of fun. I have specced into a crit build with them partially down the clawbringer tree and mainly speccing into stabbo

  • so was making sporceror a bad idea ?

  • @Moxsy what do you think is the best primary class to pick since you can't change it later? I.e. what one class has the best synergies with the other classes?

  • the graveborn's invincibility action skill is unaffected by any action skill duration buffs as the duration is based on HP

  • I was originally planning on doing a graveborn/stabbomancer run but would that be any good? Or would it be better to just choose one of them as a support for another class?

  • I find that sporewarden and graveborn synergize together nicely. It essentially allows you to create a small army of companions that do massive crit damage.

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  • I went with a spore warden/graveborn. I like being able to summon things constantly for distractions as well as dealing a lot of dark magic damage

  • This game would have been so cool if they hadn't tried to hard to be woke

  • Huzzah, my first char pair is the most meh 2 it seems (Claebringer with Brrzerker) and Im still having lots of fun with it, which I'd say is a good sign :p

  • Spore warden and stabbomancer is the best combo imo

  • I just started my TTW gameplay last night & I’m liking it a lot. The classes were a hard choice to choose from but I ended up going with the Spore Warden. My play style is more of a range/magic player. I like to be out in the distance shooting shit up & only have to use shotgun/melee if the enemies get up close & personal lol 😂

  • Do armor drops change much based on your base class?

  • Gotta love max movement speed in chaos chamber I can’t hit anything but move cross the map like that is a awesome feeling

  • I personally started with Graveborn, capped it, built support Spore Warden and have an absolutely BROKEN companion build. Im currently able to kill the secret raid bosses in literally seconds with my demi-lich hitting for 100's of thousands per shot and hydra's and mushbro also ad clearing.

  • Personally I used graveborn and clawbringer and it was stupidly op

  • Need facts than opinions opinions be creating metas and kills originality the. People feel the need to say nerf buff this and haven’t even tried other things

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