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Panther Protocol: Upcoming 100 x Privacy DeFi Coin

A honest review of 🚀 Panther Protocol that is going to take the DEFI privacy sector by storm and step by step how to get involved.

Everything you need to know about one of the most hyped coin launches of the year and how to get in early into the project.

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Decentralized Finance is great for people looking to invest, earn interest and make loans using their cryptocurrencies. But, there hasn’t been a means to ensure privacy. Because of the transparent nature of public blockchains, DeFi users can be subject to surveillance and economic espionage. Retail, institutional traders and whales risk losing their competitive advantages. For example, many high-net-worth Uniswap traders find it difficult to execute their trades efficiently due to the visibility of Ethereum. Such large traders face the risk of being front-run by other traders or bots.

Panther Protocol is a groundbreaking privacy enhancing technology for DeFi. It is an end-to-end privacy protocol for digital assets, which can be deployed in a compliant way on any public blockchain.

Who is Panther Protocol?

Founded in the first quarter of 2021 by Oliver Gale, CBDC inventor joins forces with Dr Anish Mohammed, cryptographer and ZK proofs expert. The company has already raised $3million in seed capital and recruited a 20-person team.

How does Panther Protocol solve privacy issues when handling crypto transactions?

Compliance. Everyone who commits their crypto follows compliance regulations. To ensure this element is robust, gatekeepers will process the compliance forms. Gatekeepers are made up of financial institutions, exchanges and other software entities with the ability to collect KYC data. The attraction of gatekeepers is the provision of liquidity for their projects while their independence is a powerful part of the protocol.

Security of assets:

Panther Protocol takes crypto assets, secures them and mints zAssets by return. Each zAsset is one-for-one collateralized with its underlying asset. Users are able to mint zero-knowledge zAssets by depositing digital assets from any blockchain into Panther vaults. zAssets will become an ever-expanding asset class for users who want their transactions and strategies the way they should always have been – private. Whether the zAsset is a zBTC or zUSDT, the new zAsset is a direct synthetic representation of the original unit of value. Initially, the Panther Ecosystem will be developed on Ethereum with the public release coming soon. In Q1 2022, Panther will release the V1 of a Privacy Cross-chain DEX on a Layer 2 solution. The result is a compliant privacy platform allowing holders of zAssets to avail of DeFi opportunities without fear of being tracked or outed.

Why we like Panther Protocol:

Compliance – it is important for financial privacy to be balanced with regulations. The project also plans to implement several dark pools called “Panther Pools.” These will be used to gather liquidity and execute trades. So, those who contribute liquidity to the pools, known as “privacy miners,” will be rewarded with the Panther network’s native token, ZKP.

What are the downsides:

There are concerns by regulators over private cryptocurrencies, although we believe that the compliance aspect of Panther Protocol makes this company a good bet.

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