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Nürburgring Nordschleife Circuit Guide (by Nurburgring 24h race winner)

Welcome to the definitive Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit guide to make you faster at the Green Hell. Presented by driver coach Scott Mansell and Nurburgring 24hr winner Adam Christo.

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Sections & Timestamps

How to learn the circuit: 0:36
Circuit entrance: 10:26
Bridge: 13:05
Tiergarten: 14:50
Hohenrain: 20:05
T13: 29:26
Hatzenbach: 38:21
Hocheneichen: 40:05
Quiddelbacher-Hohe: 50:18
Flugplatz: 51:00
Schwedenkreuz: 57:00
Aremburg: 1:01:58
Fuchsrohre: 1:05:00
Adenauer Forst: 1:10:00
Metzgesfeld: 1:17:00
Kallenhard: 1:22:21
Wehrseifen: 1:30:00
Breidscheid: 1:34:00
Bergwerk: 1:40:00
Kesselchen: 1:45:00
Klostertal: 1:51:30
Caracciola-Karussell: 1:55:00
Hohe Acht: 2:03:56
Wipperman: 2:07:16
Eschbach: 2:11:12
Brunnchen: 2:13:00
Elskurve: 2:17:15
Pflanzgarten: 2:20:56
Stefan-Bellof S: 2:25:00
Schwalbenschwanz: 2:29:25
Galgenkopf: 2:35:02
Dottinger Hohe: 2:36:52
Gantry: 2:36:52
Pit lane entry: 2:40:19

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is one of the best and most famous racing circuits in the world. This Nurburgring circuit guide has been produced to help Nürburgring beginners to seasoned racers, as Adam Christo explains the intricate details of the Nordschleife circuit.

This Nurburgring guide explains, in detail, everything you need to know to be fast at the track. Scott and Adam discuss the types of corner, bumps, cambers, braking points and references.

Adam also begins by talking about how to learn the Nurburgring circuit, from his own experience – and how you should use this guide.

We hope you enjoy the Nurburgring onboard footage, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Massive thanks to:

Adam Christo

Michael Vergers – driving the Radical supremely

Anthony Dunn – filming the onboard (and driver coach)


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