Monday, September 25, 2023

NFT Projects That Will EXPLODE This Year (Best NFTs To Buy In 2022)

Hey, 👋🏼 These are the NFT Projects That Will EXPLODE This Year (The Best NFTs To Buy In 2022). These are best nft projects to buy now, mixed with some nft tips for beginners so you can make money with nfts step by step.

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*This is absolutely NOT financial advice and purely my opinions. Links above might be affiliate but there’s no additional charge to you.

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  • Hope this one was helpful.😉Here's the 🚀NFT Profit & Loss Tracker that saved me a lot of $ 🧬 –

  • Wow. Great Video, I discovered alot of amazing projects i can venture into that and I must saw this is a quality channel,I also saw alot of cool projects on Boxmining YT channel . Highly recommended

  • Top 10 Nft projects that won’t blow up!

  • One Year Splash of NFT Stats –

    Unique NFT Buyers/Sellers over the Past 52 Weeks (using market analytics data)

    Compared to May 2021 the number of unique NFT:

    Buyers has increased by a factor of x20.5 (1380 to 28,231)
    Sellers has increased by a factor of x20.9 (1366 to 28,605)

    In proceeding 52-week period the number of unique:

    NFT Buyers peaked at 192,226 the week of January 31, 2022

    NFT Sellers peaked at 155,379 also in the week of January 31, 2022

    Does anyone have a gut feeling as to when the next peak might occur? hmmmmm

    And…. here’s the raw data (hope it’s useful to you)

    2021-05-10 B: 1380 S: 1366
    2021-05-17 B: 6562 S: 5367

    2021-05-24 B: 9272 S: 6889

    2021-05-31 B: 10835 S: 8219

    2021-06-07 B: 12179 S: 9490

    2021-06-14 B: 14546 S: 10390

    2021-06-21 B: 15307 S: 11683

    2021-06-28 B: 16365 S: 12698

    2021-07-05 B: 17762 S: 14167

    2021-07-12 B: 21975 S: 16965

    2021-07-19 B: 25894 S: 19056

    2021-07-26 B: 29527 S: 21489

    2021-08-02 B: 50190 S: 34670

    2021-08-09 B: 70500 S: 42244

    2021-08-16 B: 69722 S: 43672

    2021-08-23 B: 105283 S: 64875

    2021-08-30 B: 110286 S: 64271

    2021-09-06 B: 94123 S: 55671

    2021-09-13 B: 98383 S: 65660

    2021-09-20 B: 99930 S: 70635

    2021-09-27 B: 110959 S: 79972

    2021-10-04 B: 109523 S: 80485

    2021-10-11 B: 102664 S: 70104

    2021-10-18 B: 92706 S: 66126

    2021-10-25 B: 66307 S: 49795

    2021-11-01 B: 65070 S: 50145

    2021-11-08 B: 62705 S: 47608

    2021-11-15 B: 83866 S: 65659

    2021-11-22 B: 7849 S: 64374

    2021-11-29 B: 88038 S: 65799

    2021-12-06 B: 89892 S: 69056

    2021-12-20 B: 104193 S: 79341

    2021-12-27 B: 128590 S: 101165

    2022-01-03 B: 161487 S: 127450

    2022-01-10 B: 175170 S: 133805

    2022-01-17 B: 179279 S: 132186

    2022-01-24 B: 176893 S: 140191

    2022-01-31 B: 192226 S: 155379

    2022-02-07 B: 170442 S: 141313

    2022-02-14 B: 162208 S: 142100

    2022-02-21 B: 171652 S: 143412

    2022-02-28 B: 146543 S: 125126

    2022-03-07 B: 133348 S: 114938

    2022-03-14 B: 123594 S: 115383

    2022-03-21 B: 130926 S: 119577

    2022-03-28 B: 125889 S: 123996

    2022-04-04 B: 145748 S: 136596

    2022-04-11 B: 140472 S: 127389

    2022-04-18 B: 142981 S: 142013

    2022-04-25 B: 136104 S: 130838

    2022-05-02 B: 130374 S: 124565

    2022-05-09 B: 94647 S: 91298

    2022-05-16 B: 28231 S: 28605

  • Bad advice on NFTs. And right before the crash! 😂

  • Have you seen DegenSOL NFT? Minting on 17.05 🔥

  • What do you think about Spaceland Astronauts NFT? I think they have big potential

  • I love seeing the passion you have for NFTs and I think it would be really helpful to us if you feature projects that are focusing on making NFTs more intelligent. One example of this is Alethea Ai, who are focusing on giving life to NFTs and making them intelligent (iNFTs) so that they can interact with us. What do you think?

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  • You’re such a blessing to the nftcommunity! Your videos really help me a lot to discover and learn more about nfts. You inspire me to research on good nfts and upon doing that I have encountered Alethea Ai. Did you heard about it? Can you feature it in your channel? So that people will know how Alethea Ai can change the game of nft. Thanks!

  • Fire video! Look into Spaceland Astronauts though, they mint on March. Fire art, awesome team and incredible roadmap.

  • 2022 Metaverse trending. Zombie World Z lead trend with target x100. How about you? what token you believe will strong pump in this year? And do you metaverse will be a trend again? Zwz ROI 20 days, x100 soon

  • Do you like metaverse and hunt boss? Play Zombie World Z now to have good experience and funny. Not only it, with roi 20days, you can have good profits when play too. See how dev team work, create so many event,… you will love it

  • Have you heard about 69NFTs???come check our project which is limited to only 70 NFTs not even one more it’s on OPEN SEA

  • Mrs Anna is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  • The person on my name helps me recover my lost wallet and nfts, he can help with yours , and he gives accurate information on what to mint

  • The dude on my name tag helped me recover my wallet he’s so slick, and he’s good with nfts creation and predictions, trust in him and you’ll never regret., 💯💯💯💯🌵

  • Your channel has truly changed my life. i've been studying and researching about crypto for a while now and i got stuck at some point on the learning curve. now i can say I'm truly improving my understanding of this whole new world and making great profit weekly, all thanks to you ❤️

  • I could put you through on how Trading works and on how you can invest and make good profit from it. Manage/handle an account for you and get you good profit. Drop a comment if you are interested

  • How did you not mention Azuki beans? Really?

  • Goopdoods about to blow up

  • I think Smart pigx Farmer Club could be the new wolf game 2.0 if they get some more hype.
    They are still at the very beginning and the Discord has only opened a few days ago.

  • Hey fam. We looking for a NFT YouTube streamer to promote our NFT. Would u be interested?

  • what you think about Crypto Hasbulla NFT?

  • I m not convinced with buying or selling invaluable object even it make me reach, people lost their minds..

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