Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Negative Feedback Regulation of Blood Pressure

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• Blood pressure determines the flow of blood to and from capillaries. • Low blood pressure results in reduced blood flow.
• High blood pressure can cause blood vessels to break.


• The aortic arch carries blood to the body.
• The common carotids carry blood to the head.
• Baroreceptors measure changes in blood pressure.
• High blood pressure stretches artery walls.
• Low blood pressure cause less stretch of the walls.

Cardiovascular control center

• Low blood pressure causes a slower rate of impulses sending information to the cardiovascular center in the brain.
• The CV center outputs its own nerve impulses to the heart and blood vessels.


• The heart responds to increased CV center output by beating faster and with greater strength, increasing the flow of blood.
• Increased (added) resistance in blood vessels also results from increased nervous stimulation as well as the secretion and action of homones.

Return to homeostasis

• Baroreceptors detect the return of normal blood pressure.
■ CV center adjusts its output signals to the heart and blood vessels.
• Homeostasis is achieved.

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