Saturday, September 23, 2023

Motivation, self-regulation and learning how to learn | Heidi Ashton | TEDxYouth@LBIS

Heidi is a passionate advocate for excellent education for younger children. She believes in an education that preserves the integrity of childhood, capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity, and respects them as competent learners. While what children learn is important, equally important is how they learn. Heidi Ashton is an international educator with many years of experience. She is the PYP Coordinator at International Preparatory School in Mapou. She is Canadian by birth but has spent most of her adult life living overseas, having previously worked in Asia, Europe and North America. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Excellent video on SRL summarising hours worth of theory into a fifteen minute session with real world application, really nicely done!

  • Such a thoughtful presentation! It seems bizarre to think that nobody discusses just how important planning is and what that can mean for us! Thank you!

  • i found learning not important as i felt i had all I need to get by because i as I did not know any better as you go throw life not learning because you don't know you can't focus because you have ADHD and not know why you lift school when you were 12 or smoked and took drugs I go throw life woking getting by as no one really cared but people with ADHD hide it quite well so skep learning because your brain rases from one thing to the next i can tell you that when you have ADHD you think this is the normal behaver because you don't know any better I was diagnosed at 52.

  • S.A

    I can believe it is not million views video. The speech is inspiring and beautiful. I think it would be better if she lose the notes and be on a stage. Thank you so much for sharing and spreading your beautiful words.

  • You never fail to bring me a blue sky. Thank you for the Sunday night inspiration.

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