Saturday, April 1, 2023

LOL: NFT Grifter Can't Explain Why NFTs Are Valuable

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk can’t explain why NFT art, on its own merits, is more valuable than a regular JPEG.


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  • An item is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. As long as there is perceived value these NFTs will make money. It’s a trend. It’s disingenuous for you to speak about something you don’t fully understand. I think you have a point on the current absurdity of NFT value but most crypto currency’s have a very small carbon footprint. Your focusing on Bitcoin and Ethereum to make your point. These technologies will and are changing the world. Ultimately crypto currency will revolutionize the financial landscape for the better. You are cherry-picking on a small trend and two crypto currencies that will be replaced by much greener projects. The point is for consumers to have custody of their own money so that government can’t seize or control your holdings when you’ve done nothing wrong.

  • It's a pump and dump scheme and some of these purchases are between these nftbros.

  • NFTs remind of the whole fracking craze, where rich idiots think they've found the New Big Thing that's going to propel humanity forward, but not at all. Just another unsustainable cancerous fad that will cannibalize and hollow out the blockchain in one case, and
    literally hollow out the fucking planet in another case.

  • Has anyone that follows or listens to Gary V, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin and their ilk ACTUALLY listened to them? They are worthless. Gary V yelling at some kid to stop talking about a business idea and "just go F'ing do it" sums up the amazing advice I've been able to find of his.

    None of them provide any value but have created this amazing thing where they are popular simply b/c their wannabe entreprenuer followers have to be fans as part of the starter kit.

  • Everyone I’ve seen talk about NFT says they’re making 10s of millions from it but I never see anything to prove it, it’s just noise

  • A lot of people think NFTs are just really expensive JPEGs, and in some cases, they are 100% correct. But this segment is overshadowing the underlying 'tech' : contracts that live on a decentralized network, free from being seized, hacked, changed, or destroyed.

  • Pet rocks… 2020's style…

  • so an nft that gets you into a insanely high quality club in Miami or New York every night whenever you want or special beer across the country that only nft holders can drink, ect, doesnt have real world purpose??

  • Be productive in virtual world and consume from real world. Is not this a scam? I demand 100k/year for every worker in the food industry from the field pickers to the lorry drivers and till cashiers.

  • Is this some sort of scam?

  • Gary is and always has been, a clown

  • This video is what happens when a political science guy tries to comment on a subject he does not understand. And starting off with a typical “I can screen grab this jpg” trope is just embarrassing.

  • I heard d&b is implempting some nft spiel. Thats utility. Right?

  • "You know it's an NFT because of the way it is".

  • It's not 'amazing' people like GaryVee pump their NFT themselves using shadow pumpers and then wait for some poor schmuck to make a bid. Its an easy scam if you have the funds to do the first few bids.

  • Just subscribed yesterday and love your content… but this is gonna age sooooo bad… lol youre just twisting the facts so fit your narrative that nft's are bullshit.. what makes kanyes white shirts worth $200? what makes the different car brands that are made by the same head companies have differing values? cause of branding. if you watch Gary in more than just a few minutes of content, he acknowledges that 98% of the nft's will be going to 0 — just like so many internet stocks did back in the day when "the internet was a fad" — how did those guesses work out, cause thats how everyone fighting this technology is gonna look all over again….

  • We may hate (dislike) it which I do. But NFTs are about to take over 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾

  • Oh nfts are way stupider than this. You don't actually own the nft. You own a spot in a queue line on a block chain. You don't own anything associated with the spot

  • Hmm I guess what adds value is proof of ownership… after that it’s just up to the ppl to decide what has value in the digital world just as people decide what has value in the real world..

  • Every time a revolutionary idea has been proposed there has been deniers who missed out just saying 🤷‍♂️

  • Explain why money is valuable and why NFT’s aren’t I’ll wait

  • If y’all bought NFT’s when this video came out instead of complaining y’all would be a lot happier right now 🤑 don’t take financial advice from people who hate money!

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