Saturday, April 1, 2023

Litecoin Price Prediction 2023 – 2025

Litecoin is considered the Silver of cryptos and is considered for many people a safe investment for the LONG TERM. Read this article here to learn more :

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  • 1 year later its at $200.53 right NOW, LTC will more than likely head north of $1K by next year (2022). I'm going all in for the next few months since it's climbing, gotta get it before it reaches the next plateau.

  • Litecoin to $2000 when btc is over $100,000

  • I just want to get my money back from that 2017 crash. This coin has been very underwhelming. Do you guys believe this coin will even go above 1k?

  • Bro just check with monthly rsi ,from the overbought region ltc went 50x last time ,this time by the time it enters overbought region it will be between 200 to 400$ ,just a 10x will give 2000$ to 4000$

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  • If litecoin and bitcoin have the same price correlation from 2017, we can see LTC moving 4x from current valuation. Maybe more. In the short term my guess is 80. If we break that resistance I’d be looking at 120-200$… if btc hits 100k, LTC should realistically be 2500$ on the low end..

  • 70$ is realistic price end of 2020
    I think it will be about 2000$ in 2023-2024…..Who knows exactly? 😂😂

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  • 187usd highestprice 2020

  • 5000 is my max level for ltc.

  • What is your most realistic prediction for 2023 ?

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