Saturday, September 23, 2023

Laws Matter: Facts Contradict Gun Lobby's Lie That Regulation Can't Stop Gun Violence

Robyn Thomas, executive director of the Giffords Law Center, talks about how effective laws and regulations can reduct deadly gun violence, and concerns that Republican Supreme Court justices could open the floodgates on guns in the U.S. with an upcoming decision.

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Laws Matter: Facts Contradict Gun Lobby’s Lie That Regulation Can’t Stop Gun Violence

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  • In civilized countries tragedies like this never happen because there is a ban on guns, like in UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, France, Switzerland, Japan. In civilized countries criminals cannot buy guns off the streets because the laws are tough and there aren’t any guns on the streets.
    The only solution: ban all guns.

  • I'm not agree with Cruz comment but i do agree that it will not stop gun violence in the US and it will not really preventing it because how high the gun circulation in the public or civilian area plus US system as 'United' and not 'Unitary' which mean even the Federal have law, interpretation in State level can be differ to one another

  • Do us a favor and find out how many of the shootings came from guns purchased by a criminal at a gun show…. The answer is zero because criminals buy their guns off the streets.

  • C W

    MSNBC You not reporting news. Your pushing propaganda.

  • This makes me want to cry .
    These children deserve to live a happy life without the fear of being shot down or seeing their friends being MURDERED.



    The issue is the object itself .

    Use commen sense!

  • Wait so you're saying that criminals in Texas (specifically criminals that havent been caught yet and dont have a felony) buy guns legally and sell them to known criminals im Mexico. Yeah thats illegal. Its called a straw purchase (not surprised you dont know that) and the person selling them is just as much a criminal as those buying them without a license. So this isnt a Texas flaw or lack of laws. The law to prevent this exists. Its not Texas just allowing it. The fact is that we can ban anything or action and criminals will still own it and do that act. Thats unfortuantely the way of our world. So please dont pretend that this is some negligence on Texas behalf. Many states have these same laws. The only reason this is specifically happening in Texas is because it borders Mexico. And because of of the disgusting criminals willing to illegally sell guns.

  • Wow. Youre really good at misleading people. Any registered gun seller at a gun show in Texas HAS to do a background check. Its federal law. So whether Texas has this law or not is besides the point. In fact a registered gun seller has to do a background check in ANY place hes selling. To not do so would be illegal and no gun seller would risk that as theyd lose their federal license and face fines and prison. So please tell me how all these felons are going and buying guns at gun shows?????? I swear the manipulation is real. Congratulations I'm sure you outraged tons of people with this misleading statement.

  • You know how we know illegalizing guns doesn't work? Chicago and New York City are 2 great examples. Guns are illegal and yet they have the some of the highest amount of gun shootings and murders by guns in the country. Chicago specifically having the highest murder rate. Also we can look at that fact that 90% of mass shooting happen in gun free zones. That says something. These p.o.s. shooters specifically choose places where guns are banned because they know their intended victims are helpless to defend themselves. Its ironic that we vilify guns (and not the people who use them to do heinous acts of evil) and yet a gun from a hero off duty border patrol agent is what took this monster out. Guns arent the problem. People are. There needs to be more psychological outreach in schools. And schools need better protection. Locked doors and a paid armed cop on duty. And yes teachers who want to have a gun should have the right to do so if they undergo a certain amount of training. I guarantee many teachers would carry to protect themselves if they had the option. I cant imagine being a defenseless teacher right now. But having a gun would make me feel safer. It has in my own life as a female when my husband traveled.
    And I get the immediate reaction to want to blame guns only. (If i wasnt already educated on them and the laws id want the same thing.) But everything I've seen and read has shown me that the changes made would be negligible. And the truth is that certain politicans are using this tragedy as a means to ban guns completely. Thats what they want, and would undoubtedly result in criminals with guns (as we already see) and law abiding citizens unable to protect themselves. People DO protect themselves with guns from criminals. Its well documented and happens all the time in the US. (And btw AR15s arent worse than any other gun. These psychopathic shooters only choose them because they like how they look. If they couldnt get them theyd just pick another gun. Theyre not anymore deadly than any other gun. Though the media would have you rhunl otherwise.) Anyway i wish people would educate themselves before jumping on a band wagon because we want something or anything to be done.

  • friendly reminder to all of you who buy this BS, the gun lobby spends 1/30th of what the pharmaceutical lobby spends per year. They don’t have as much sway as you think. 400 million firearms in the United States and yet 400 deaths from rifles per year, and you think banning the rifle will fix this? You think the only people who should have rifles are the same people responsible for calling the shots in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan? Prediction: these bills do nothing (as proven by the increase in firearms restrictions with an inverse spike in mass shootings) and will only be the beginning. By the time it’s too late, you absolute robots will be so, so defenseless. Good luck.

  • US Gov gave Taliban terrorist 64,363 machine guns, 358,530 assault rifles and 126,295 pistols.

  • Regardless of if gun control works, it should never be employed because it violates people’s fundamental right to protect themselves, a right even protected the Constitution of the United States. All gun control is a violation of my own and everyone else’s rights

  • When will people realize that the criminal element does not care about legalized possession? Gun Control only effects the legalized possessor. So making it harder for the legalized possessor to obtain a firearm is not going to stop gun violance.

  • Anyone ever consider the people who want to walk with guns in public are mentally unhealthy? So many criminals with guns. Yet gun lobbyist get to paint a bias, self interested picture in their favor. The NRA should not have a say. They are responsible for so many deaths without repercussions. There is more negative outcomes than positive. More innocent lives are sadly affected by criminals, meaning At the end of the day it's the police job to stop them. How easier would it be for police to apprehend a situation knowing no one owns a gun? It would be a sigh of relief for the majority of Americans. If they won't implement gun laws at least place metal detectors and security at public gatherings. It seems Covid has closed down all fun events, causing man to turn back into barbaric mental state. Covid has taken away the joy if life. As a person who studies psychology, it seems the govt is creating an environment for a tense pent up state, with a jungle like feel, where anything can happen at any moment. That's not the American I remember as a kid. Living in fear just so gun companies can make money is absolute greed and evil.

  • Just look up how people are killed by their own government

  • Then why are Democrat run Cities Exploding with Gun Violence then.. FACT!

  • We have over 20,000 gun laws in this country. You're not getting any more.

  • This is America,guns are here to stay. Over 300-500 million in circulation now,many more to come.

  • That’s why Texans need them Legally to combat the criminals. It evens the odds. Criminals don’t care. The guy in Uvalde was a government plant. Ever heard of MKULTRA? Same as police who stood down while the kids were murdered. This was intentional. We have an evil administration. We’re not going to wind up like other fallen countries taken over by communists.

  • Cronyn got boos and shouted off the stage

  • If they want a debate why don't they debate someone smart like Colion Noir?

  • they said the same thing about prohibition. that didnt work. it only created a new class of criminals.

  • Gun Logic
    1 – Eleven teens die each day because of
    texting while driving. Maybe it's time to raise the
    age of Smart Phone ownership to 21.
    2 – If gun control laws actually worked, Chicago
    would be Mayberry, USA.
    3 – The Second Amendment makes more
    women equal than the entire feminist
    4 – Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and
    probably a trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously,
    folks, if we were the problem, you'd know it.
    5- When JFK was killed, nobody blamed the
    6 – The NRA (National Rifle Association)
    murders 0 people and receives ($$$$ 0) nothing
    in government funds. Planned Parenthood kills
    350.000 babies every year and receives
    $500.000.000 in tax dollars annually.
    7 – I have no problem with vigorous background
    checks when it comes to firearms. While we're
    at it, let's do the same when it comes to
    immigration, Voter I.D., and candidates running
    for office.
    8- Folks keep talking about another Civil War.
    One side knows how to shoot and probably has
    a trillion rounds. The other side has crying
    closets and is confused about which bathroom
    to use. Now tell me, how do you think that
    would end?
    Don't be afraid to share this. There's more logic
    and common sense expressed here than
    probably anything you have seen on the news

  • The second amendment was made explicitly for the removal of tyrannical governments, that has been the pattern of EVERY horrific government across history, The USSR, N@zi Germany, and Imperial Japan.

    How about we arm guards and put them in Schools? It makes it so normal Americans don't have their RIGHTS are restricted, while taking care of school shooters. We have a RIGHT to guns in the US, comparing Europe to the US is utterly useless.

  • Abbott banned phone filters. They are very scary.

  • The "gun show loophole" doesn't exist. If anyone thinks these shows are a hotbed for criminals buying guns for unlawful purposes the percentage of criminals who get a gun at a gun show through a private sale without a background check or some proof they are not a "prohibited person" that go on to use that gun in a commission of a crime is 0.001% …. 'People who claim there is a "gun show loophole" should go to a gun show to find out for yourself. You would realize that they are almost exclusively booths rented by a gun manufacturer or an FFL
    A gun manufacturer cannot physically give you possession of the gun. They have to transfer that gun to an FFL, who is allowed under law to give you the gun, but all FFL's are legally required to do a NICS background check before you can take possession. That applies to all sales regardless of whether its inside a store or at a booth. If a gun show even happens to have a private seller or two there, they will probably still insist on having a permit to purchase or a CCW. to demonstrate you can lawfully own a gun
    Which makes sense because it is already a felony to sell a gun to a prohibited person under 18 USC § 922(d) … and taking one minute to ask them for a P2P or CCW and checking it is current is a much better option than spending 10 years in jail and losing your legally protected right to keep and carry a firearm. Which is what will happen if you carelessly sell a gun to someone prohibited under the law.

  • H

    Supremes will be overtaken by riots after roe overturned. Comstit sheriffs will be in control – mormons w years food supply in houdes and acdecades eorth food waiting for const sheriffs who'll enforce fir new world order

  • H

    Suzy? Why 90 billion$$ to ukraine? Why zero$$ to u.s. schools

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