Friday, January 27, 2023

Is Litecoin Undervalued? With Litecoin Price Predictions

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  • dazhiberian.."Digibyte is so much better"…… Oh no it is NOT, its many years behind LTC (as per Clif High). Litecoin will be able to handle the masses, where as BTC will not be able to, BTC will large transactions, LTC the small. There is only 3 that matter: BTC, LTC, ETH

  • I sold all my LTC for DGB as well. Best decision I've ever made haha

  • LEDU coins is an underdog in the cryptoworld but will be ready to dominate soon.

  • I smell fomo 4th quarter of the year haha yes sleep on ltc so i can position myself even better. Ltc please drop more!!! I want more ltc!!!

  • Please make a short version of this (could have been 6-7 min max) and before you do that recheck your numbers and percentages. Thanks

  • I use to get paid in a bit of litecoin and guys it was awesome. Its a great piece of technology, cheap to use and best of all it transacted fast; payment to settlement (VERY IMPORTANT). what it meant for me was that: litecoin is faster than getting a check, and faster than getting paid in cash. Faster than cash as in that the transaction would confirm and settle faster than me taking the money to a bank and depositing it. agreed highly undervalued 1000k coin for sure, however ladys and gentleman the big elephant in the room is XRP. dont let pride get in the way of making a fortune. Holy shit its only .62 cents!

  • Only have 120 litecoin fml 😞

  • How is lightning network relate to lightcoin? will lightcoin use lightning network too? its own network or the same network from bitcoin?

  • I miss Charlie Lee's brother, Bruce.

  • Charlie made a rash decision that I believe related to the way in which Roger Ver pimps Bcash. We are all human, but his point was the belief in decentralization it seems to me. The Litecoin Foundation is spearheading the development of LTC now and Charlie supports them. There are other ways Charlie is still supporting LTC, he's just not pimping it like a gold toothed hoodlum. BitCoin doesn't have a Chief Executive Pimp and Charlie doesn't want to be that for LTC.

  • Nice video Just-a-person-on-YouTube!

  • I don't get why BTC is valued so high. It's very slow and very expensive. Where is the value? I'll take LTC over BTC any day.

  • can you share your views on Bitcoin Cash? May be dedicate a video for that.

  • LTC is a testbed with a redundant function to BTC. I am surprised the price is as high as it is. There is more exposure to technical risk (i.e., upgrades or quality of engineers) with LTC than BTC. This is one point that makes BTC potentially much more valuable than LTC. I think BCH and LTC will go to zero in the long-term.

  • why do you look at a copy coin without any added value to bitcoin as silver? because it had a silver color logo?

  • Do you think XRP or XLM will be used instead of LTC for micropayments

  • LTC price predictions are total BS. DGB is the next rising star. LTC is a dead horse that to many people ignore the stink!

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  • lightning network is going to wreck all the competing value transfer coins. litecoin likely worth nothing in the long term.

  • Hey can u do a review on Asura coin which aims to create at self-sustainable eSports platform on Neo. Generally i love new based icos whats your take on it

  • Gradually got pretty well out of LTC. Just ain't seeing it. BCH doesn't rely on LN…that's a good thing.

  • I honestly don't think the 5yr forecast is too far off for many of the top coins. Especially those under $10 right now. As an American citizen many of our people don't pay attention to our economy however the rest of the worlds citizens do. With the roll back of consumer protections put in place after the last financial crisis we've been set up to do it again. Let's keep in mind BTC was created because of the financial crisis. Now that we're set to reapeat it money will flood into the crypto market as it may very well be the only shelter and safe haven for funds regardless of fiat type. So I personally don't mind the dips for now. I see it as an investment for things to come.

  • Charlie Lee could care less about money and selling his coins… he should be smart enough to leave his legacy for LTC. A lot of you naysayers will be surprised and angry for not believing in this coin. I believe UTXD blockchain will be the preferred protocol, so thumbs up LTC!

  • fuck ltc, digibyte is much better dude

  • Dont worry everyone. LTC is run by freemasons just like everything else. It will make it

  • Great to see these in depth videos back. But yea i do believe Ltc is very undervalued. One of Its main purposes is to pose as a test-net for any btc upgrades. That alone should rank it way higher then it is right now . As far as price goes, aside from the whole market being down, I do believe all the controversy involving Satoshi lite is what’s tarnishing the project for the short term, therefore making it that much more undervalued. Great vid👍

  • You would make a good public figure for litecoin

  • Sadly with what Charlie did i gave up on LTC. Dont care what people say but his action speak more than anything. Its pure bullshit that his stake mattered. He could do what ever he wanted without saying it to the world. Being transparent and all is also bullshit. Its the perception of it all that matters to the masses. If we want need mass adaption this is the worst that could have happened. Just my view of it, right or wrong thats just how i see it.

  • Invest in Rabbitcoin, new website, new rumblings you never know

  • – the next halving is in 2019 (there'll be a a big price bump then)
    – btc's halving is in 2020 (with its price increase, other coins will follow and so will Litecoin)
    I don't see BTC being used as a currency but solely as a store of value, but I definitely see Litecoin being a currency.

  • More and more it’s becoming obvious that with all these new coins, over 1000 coins not one is more decentralized with any real network effect than bitcoin or litecoin.

    Most coins aren’t permisionless, and resemble something android or amazon cloud can do just adding a blockchain and not letting you verify transactions, you gotta trust 3rd parties.

  • Litecoin is decentralized, it’s a legit coin. But 2.5 min blocks means it is a less secure network than Bitcoins 10 min blocks….not even touching the subject of hashpower protecting the network, just the shorter block time to be faster has a security trade off.
    So in a sense it the expression of litecoin being then silver to Bitcoins gold makes sense. Secure the gold far more than the silver.
    ….but silver is still pretty good…..keep in mind too that litecoin is a copy of bitcoin with shorter blocks and a bigger supply.

  • Charlie Lee is a Genius but not a sales man. He doesn’t know what not to say or what to say. If Litecoin had someone like Roger ver, it would be min at $2500 now. In this day and age you need to be aggressive and make a lot of noise to get peoples attention and commitment.

  • One thing I think is worth considering is if Bitcoin does see mass adoption, and is this massive store of value worth a million USD per coin, what does everyone else do when they've missed the boat?

    I think that why you see it under valued.

    Time Line:

    Early adopters jump on BTC.

    BTC hits $12k. People feel uneasy and look to reduce risk.

    LTC looks more attractive and less inflated.

    LTC gets an influx in BTC profits.

    LTC sees a jump. BTC and LTC bleed off into Alts.

    Both BTC and LTC see price reduction.
    LTC is still holding up better than BTC if you overlay the BTC chart.

    At the end of the day, fundamentals mean nothing. You have to look at the human element. Ask yourself: what motivates man?.

  • The reason for the price difference is Charlie Lee’s mouth. He needs to stfu and let his work speak for itself. Or hire a PR team.

  • Never been interested in litecoin. Next video, ETC please

  • Charlie Lee did not sell all his Litecoin. Someone asked him at a recent conference why he had sold all his Litecoin and he stated that he did still hold a few. Hmmm, how many is a few (to Charlie) ? 😀

  • Digibyte, 200,000 nodes the most decentralized blockchain in the world. Transactions per second. 500+ block time 15seconds. Digishield, Zcash BTC and LTC use its technology. I could care less about "fake supply" the only true gold and silver is what you have in your hand.

  • for LTC to be 1/4th of BTC it has to have the same mkt cap….

  • Only an idiot would not invest in litecoin, it's obviously the extension of bitcoin, but maximalist or haters see it as an altcoin.

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