Thursday, June 1, 2023

Get cryptocurrency price on your google sheets with Coinmarketcap API

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Learn how to get cryptocurrency price on your google sheets with Coinmarketcap API.

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to get the cryptocurrency price from Coinmarketcap on Google sheets using Coinmarketcap API and google script.

Follow the below steps to get the crypto price on Google Sheets.

You need to sign up for Coinmarketcap API and get the free API key. Put that API key in request options(Copied from API documentation) that we need to pass in the Urlfetch method.

This UrlFetch method accepts two parameters- URL and request option.

In the URL parameter, you have to pass the server URL with the symbol of cryptocurrency that you want to fetch the latest price.

In the params parameter, you have to pass the request options.

once we send a request, we’ll get back HTTP response in return from Coinmarketcap API.

Then, convert the response to string using method getContextText.

The response we got from CoinmarketcapAPI is in JSON format.

We need to parse the JSON using method JSON.parse and get the latest price of the cryptocurrency.

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