Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Elden Ring Beginner's Guide: 9 Early Game Tips

The Lands Between can be daunting for new players, so here is our beginner’s guide for From Software’s Elden Ring, including the best starting gift to take, how to respec your character, where to get a torch, and more.

So, you’ve purchased or are about to purchase Elden Ring. Good choice. In our Elden Ring review in progress, we awarded the game a rare 10/10. But From Software games are notorious for being obtuse, which is part of the charm. So, you’re wondering: Hey, is there anything I should know going into Elden Ring? Well lowly Tarnished, yes, indeed there is. And we’re here to help.

In this Elden Ring beginner’s guide video, we offer our nine best tips to make your way through the Lands Between at the start of the game. From the very outset, we let you know which starting gift is best, and where you should look to get Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears to upgrade your Flasks of Tears. A torch is a necessary item in Elden Ring but can be hard to track down, so we also tell you where to grab one early on, as well as how to use Spirit Ashes and duplicate boss souls. There are other tips in there too, so it’s very useful if you’re playing Elden Ring for the first time.

We have a separate video to help you choose which Elden Ring class is right for you, as well as more guide content, so make sure you subscribe to GameSpot on YouTube and check out the written versions on In our Elden Ring review in progress, Tamoor Hussain awarded the game 10/10, calling it “a masterpiece of open-world design that places exploration and player agency at the heart of the experience.”


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