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Blood Pressure Regulation (Lecture)

– How is Blood pressure regulated? How do cardiac output and peripheral resistance fit into the equation? What are the negative effects of hypertension (high blood pressure). I explore these concepts and more in this video


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  • the comparison with water balloons was very helpful. thank you so much!

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  • well!! i really have no words to praise such a magnetic talent of yours….. literally you're an amazing teacher I've learned so much from this video and other videos too thanks alot❤️👌💯

  • I am a bit confused about the factors that are mentioned that you say contribute to low blood pressure. The lecture mentioned parasympathetic activity with the arrow going down……did you mean parasympathetic needs to be less in order for blood pressure to go down? however, the parasympathetic reaction is for rest and digest, so it should be increased in order to decrease the cardiac output. On the other hand, sympathetic stimulation should be decreased in order to decrease blood pressure. Pls, correct me if I am wrong?

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  • Thank you so much this was really helpful!

  • High Bp damages liver , heart and kidneys.

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  • can I know the relation between diabetes and blood pressure

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  • You are the best! Bless your heart….

  • doesn't slowing the heart rate (parasympathetic) increase end diastolic volume which in turn increase stroke volume therefore actually increasing cardiac output?

  • good lecture about blood pressure
    around 22.40 it sounded like capillaries resistence can cause a difference in right/left bloodpressure. However in clinical practise it is a very uncommon cause. more common causes in right/left differences are a narrowing of the aorta between the 2 branches of the brachiocefalic artery en the left subclavian. an other option is a narrowing of one of the previousy named arteries themself. the capillary resistence is more important in the genenal bloodpressure: were artheriosclerosis is the major cause and a generalised condition. lokalized capillary resistance changes as in Raynaud, is not only measured by a normal sphygmomanometer. the digital presure is more important, because there is hardely any change in general blood pressure (in this case the general bloodpressure is the controle value where the digit pressure is the variable: a variation of at least 15 mmHg is a positive result).

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