Thursday, July 18, 2024

A Tour of the Brain! | Self-Regulation Lesson 1

Your extraordinary brain has many regions which control different functions. And like any great team, they work best when they work together. Let’s take a tour to meet these regions and learn more about how they operate!

MINEOLA GROWS is building a “Learner’s Guide to Learning.” When students understand that they are in control of their brains, they are empowered to learn, to grow, and to seek out challenges for a lifetime of learning. Mineola Grows helps learners foster this skill through an understanding of age-appropriate neuroscience. Our collection of video lessons, in-classroom activities, and Professional Development are based on over a decade of research and exploration into Growth Mindset best-practices.

Mineola Grows is a project from the Mineola Union Free School District and is, of course, always growing.




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