Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A Creator-Led Internet, Built on Blockchain | Adam Mosserri | TED

As digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs become more mainstream, design thinker and head of Instagram Adam Mosseri believes that creators are uniquely positioned to benefit. These blockchain-enabled technologies could remove the need for a “middleman” in the form of large social media platforms, allowing creators to more freely distribute their work and connect with their audiences. He explains how this new age of the internet will give way to “the greatest transfer of power from institutions to individuals in all time.”

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  • KE

    he should do something against tiktok

  • Thanks to these legitimate guys here👆👆 they just funded my wallet

  • so much uningenious bs in such a short window of time.
    again a scheme is plotted to bind the individuals and make them run the machine of 'the power'.
    i would like to see an analysis of 'the power' itself and its manifestations, motivations and top players – not the least by corrupted people like a.m. himself

  • And how does IG decide who gets pushed to the top? Social media is the not the level playing field he’s describing. IG decides who gets exposure, who gets promoted, who becomes successful. The algorithm IG creates drives account success; not the creator.

  • 7

    Adam: “we almost ended democracy and ushured in a nightmare future, but let me tell you, we learned a lot!”

  • Your talking very Lie 😂

  • S M

    Is he talking about Geojam?

  • Locals is already doing this without the block chain

  • The creator economy is the solution for my countrie’s Youth unemployment crisis 😫🇿🇦👏🏿👏🏿🙏🏿

  • This is so irrational…putting new processes on old tools – this is defending old market structure! poor

  • The first word of this presentation is "power". And that is exactly the biggest problem: electrical power wasted by blockchain, to be exact.

  • This is where the power of blockchain and having your own branded website will come into play. Take out the middleman so to speak.

  • Crypto currencies are the most exciting development in the world at this moment. They hold the potential to change everything and let people around the world have a better life. I can't wait to see where we are at in 5-10 years

  • Why do i keep thinking about how hot he is?

  • he made some really good points, but the idea of investors for an artist means said art could become corrupted ie, the artists censoring/changing tthe art under threat of investors pulling out and their finances crashing.

  • So much nonsense here. The blockchain is no better for creators than RSS as a means to escape the power of platforms and provide content directly.
    Platforms solved for two problems: discoverability and monetization. That's the real problem with his argument.
    Without a platform, blockchain only really has the power to disrupt the ability to track audience size because you can't measure read events or unique readers on the blockchain to determine advertiser payouts. It breaks the monetization. And it's absolutely terrible at discoverability.
    His stupid example of subscriptions is completely disconnected with the reality of Facebook's advertising-dominant revenue. Nobody is paying directly for IG content.

  • He is Phil Dunphy from Modern Family right ??

  • This guy works for Instagram? That’s like the warden saying he’s planning on giving the inmates the keys.

  • Pareto Principle. Any system of production results in 20% of people generating 80% of the product (and hence wealth). Any new tech will be no different.

  • Can I use all the points in my blog mention in m this talk or can I do the review of this particular Ted talk like book review???? Is it legal to do so?

  • Block chain consumes massive amounts of energy. It, NFTs, and cryptocurrency, are the newest scam that will eventually crash. It’s much to do about literally nothing but 1s and 0s.

  • J W

    Did he just describe the Lukso blockchain currently being developed by Fabian Vogesteller etherieum' lead developer?

  • Pretty sure this was a low key sales pitch for digital slavery.


  • Most content on subscriber platforms is free. If it start to cost money I’m going back to living a normal life.

  • Largest issue here is that these coins are still speculative. As well is a rebrand of an equity stake by the same measure. I enjoy the direction, but there are flaws in the current decentralized landscape that haven`t been reconciled where you can escape a death by a thousand cuts.

  • instagram is a blight. one of it's few rivals in toxicity is blockchain.

  • This is a trick to monetize every step and connection and earn commission from it. Things will get more costlier as blockchain is relatively energy inefficient. This also means that you can't connect with your creator in the same way as others with more money to pay. And doesn't matter how much strong the connection you build, 1 creator can't give time to all of the followers.

  • Very, VERY Interesting

  • LIES. I love my Bank. I trust them. I don't want to have a personal relationship with the person who buys my house. POWER will not shift. Technology does not ONLY empower the individual.
    LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES. Sickening isn't it?

  • FSB 🇷🇺Agents: Vladimir Osechkin (There is No GULAG YouTube channel), Gordon (Ukrainian Bald: Channel Visiting Gordon), Chichvarkin, Tinkov, and thousands of programmers, Be careful.

  • Amazing. Nice idea. This will change Internet again. Is Adam Mosseri not Mosserri 🙂


  • Thanks for your letting

  • How many content creators do I have to subscribe to and for how much? I follow a lot of people/pages/channels on Facebook and YouTube. I don't like Instagram or TikTok or Twitter or any other platforms. How much money do I have to pay to support the creators? I pay for YouTube premium. I can't afford to pay every creator I follow $5 a month or even $1 a month. I think it would be better for platforms to be more equitable and share ad revenue not only with individual creators and even traditional media, though I do subscribe to my local major newspaper.

    Maybe there is some use to the blockchain, but how many cryptocurrencies rise and fall every day? They are incredibly volatile. People only get involved with them as a speculative investment vehicle with the intention of pulling out as soon as enough people, having been bamboozled by some flimsy white paper or scammy influencer, buy in to increase the token's value. It's the definition of a Ponzi scheme. Their value is calculated in dollars. As such, they will never replace fiat currencies. And what do they have to back up their value? Not an organized state with laws and a military and taxpayers who produce goods and services. Just a bunch of naive people who want to get rich quick and the actually rich people who pump and dump the token.

    "Traditional" banking may have problems, but at least there are some rules and mechanisms to enforce them. Let's do that better and support good governance and regulations. Democracy is a conversation. Let's have it. We have laws. Let's enforce them.

    How many Kickstarters do I have to support? So many people with "good ideas" underdeliver or don't deliver anything. Why should I take the risk of supporting their dreams like that? Maybe if they believe in their idea or product they should go into debt to fianace it. There are plenty of creative people out there that maybe don't have the most media friendly personality and don't want to have to perform and be liked in order to finance their ideas. Everything seems so geared toward these cults of personality. Aren't there ways of being creative that can be lucrative that don't involve performing for some fickle audience all the time?

    NFTs are also speculative investment vehicles that rely on bigger fool principle. I haven't seen one that I would pay money for and I don't know what the advantage of having one would be. I have no ambitions of wearing a helmet all day plugged into the metaverse to hang out with my digital assets. I'd buy a picture to hang on my actual wall if I liked it enough, but I can't ever see buying an NFT. Maybe they will have some real life utility in the future, but the future is not now. So many NFT projects promise utility, but it's never delivered. It's a scam.

    And back to blockchain. It's wasteful way of accomplishing nothing new. Sure it's public, so that's awesome, but cryptocurrencies and NFTs are so volatile and scammy and devoid of real value, I know I likely won't get involved with them.

    In short, this guy has no plan, no real vision. He's a pile of buzzwords and nebulous notions based on scammy technologies. I don't understand why he has a TED talk, but TED is becoming the Netflix of "groundbreaking" ideas. They will give practically anyone who sounds trendy a platform to promulgate their unsubstantiated insights it seems.

    Thanks for coming to my YouTube TED to talk rant.

  • Great ideas but knowing the current markets and what goes on there I wonder whether those creators will not be entirely exposed to the ill-fated people with large capital toying with creators just to make more money.

  • Irresponsible and dangerous bullshit.

  • IS he scared from tik tok

  • This is the insane leading the blind!

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