Tuesday, December 5, 2023

15 Ways Blockchain Is Changing the World

Aluxers, not enough can be said about the advantages that Blockchain can bring to the world, and we’ve had to be selective in choosing just 15 to share with you.

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10 Biggest Misconceptions About Bitcoin:

In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
How is Blockchain Is Changing the World?
What are the 15 Ways Blockchain Is Changing the World?
What advantages has Blockchain?
How does Blockchain help us?
How is Blockchain changing the world?
What exactly is Blockchain?
How does a block chain work?
What is Blockchain good for?
Why is it called Blockchain?
Can Blockchain be hacked?
What is Blockchain example?

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Money is safe and secure
01:38 – Proving your identity
02:41 – Ownership titles
03:39 – I. C. Os – a new way to raise money without going public
04:19 – Charge an electric car
04:55 – Smart contracts
05:24 – Blockchain connects service directly with consumer
06:10 – Companies will have seamless operations
06:50 – Pay your parking fines
07:34 – Blockchain and supply-chain management
08:28 – Insurance companies can benefit from blockchain
09:00 – Real Estate
09:40 – Humanitarian aid gets the right boost
10:41 – Treating health problems will be easier
11:25 – Keeping track of sexual consent
12:17 – Question


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  • Hello Aluxers! What experience have you had with blockchain technology?

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    Thanks to our friends at Audible!
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    10 Biggest Misconceptions About Bitcoin: http://y2u.be/ZLKOd827luE

  • 👆👆👆My life and my family give thanks to you 👆sir and you’re the best sir your script is working perfectly and unconfirmed transactions is successfully now

  • and the world becomes faker and faker. ..who cares about sneakers? the purpose of shoes is so it can protect your feet while you get from point A to point B.

  • Isnt blockchain completely dependent on that internet works?

  • just realizing theres is no NFT mention early 2021 just wow

  • I had to stop it. The music is just too much irritating. Will find another source.

  • For i start listening further- please keep this music away through your speaking- it is spoiling too much and unnecessarry. Think about and fromout the perspective of your audience and not only fromout yourself- just get some more selfesteem.

  • I have been trading now for two years. The hardest thing for me was changing my mind set.
    This new finance systems going to bring great benefits.

  • Nft artist and I’m currently seeing peoples lives change right before my eyes

  • "Keeping track of sexual consent" is the title of the crypto kitty piece… wtf?

  • @ 2:29 Astoni using Blockchain since 2007 when it was invented in 2008?

  • Loved the background music and also the content

  • This video talks about many of the positive things and the pros about blockchain. Now, we need a follow-up video about the problems with block chain. I'm sure there are plenty and it can't be ALL positive.

  • This video doesn’t explain how the blockchain works or how it will change the world….just a another layer of computer to me.

  • Crypto will break the internet and all centralised services.

  • My experience with blockchain is with Bitcoin investing and trading. Now I'm on a path to learn all I can about this technology and how to apply it. One thing was not mentioned is that blockchain can be used in voting, from secure voter registration to the actual casting of ballots that could be created as unique NFTs that could be tracked and stored for audit purposes. A voter could log into an app authenticate who they are using biometrics and the system would allow one vote per person in a certain time. Could be done at home. Eliminate a lot of the middle men in vote tabulation.

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  • @1:10 job losses are coming

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  • Hi! I just joined this group. What's your favorite crypto? Why?

  • Blockchain is just tremendous…
    Digital chain to weed out corrupt or time loss


  • India is planning to ban bitcoin
    Now you know
    Why some countries are called 3rd world countries

  • Most shitty explanation

  • Sounds amazing. It's going to put all the criminal elite out of business so you know it's going to get squashed just like cannabis, psychedelics, and other things.

  • Be careful there is a ridiculous who calls himself by Peter Schiff is a SCCAAAAMMMMMEEERRRR !!!!!

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  • The stop of corruption and so call bureaucracy.

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  • I got my wallet fixed and my coins recovered with the help of GUSTAVO_TOOLS on Instagram
    And he also helped me invest I think you should try him too he is the best 🙏

  • Alux video world sky screen silver star diamonds letter video happy

  • She talks about buying a house and the documents are 100 percent accurate with blockchain. How are they 100 percent accurate. ? Does someone have to upload them first ? Seems like there canstill be many errors

  • The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different stream of income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard .

  • How about: All the spammers/scammers and con artists will have to show their asses/be clearly identified or get the hell out. NO room or tolerance for those cockroaches on any Blockchain. Same with trolls when social media eventually moves onto the platform.

  • What will happen if suddenly there's electricity shut down because of global catastrophe like asteroids hitting earth and we are all invested in digital currencies (crypto) and banks? And central banks are no longer operational by that time? And what if these large cryptocurrencies homebases get terrorized? Like dropping bombs to these homebases? Because of documentaries about crypto homebases media shows on the internet?

  • Its hard to get to 15 ways, because there are not nearly that many. #1 is obviously the main one, although banks and governments don't WANT us to have safe money, because they want to reverse mistake transactions, and take away our money if we have done something 'naughty' with it. Identity, real estate titles, shipping, and Medical, all basically the same thing, not actually changing anything so far, but in the far future maybe, all this stuff has to be built out and tested first. ICO's did in the past change the world, but now they are banned in the US, so if you want to raise money, you now have to spend 6 million dollars on lawyers, just like pre blockchain. Charging a car and paying parking fees are just part of #1 money, and its just as easy to pay with a debit or credit card, so no real world changing here. I've never even charged a car in my life, so this is kinda waiting on the car world to change first. Blockchain does not take away jobs from upper management, because they control the company, and won't allow their jobs to go away. Maybe an all new fully decentralized corporation might come in and eat Uber's lunch, but that hasn't happened yet, so its more of a world changing fantasy for now. Insurers are the last to adopt technology, this will take decades to become real. Humanitarian aid will not improve, as you still need to verify that the person you are sending funds to is actually the right person, a thing that needs to be verified on the ground. 'Keeping track of sexual consent' Whoa, wrong description there, should be video games, and this is also not proven, since most game companies don't WANT you to own your in game loot, or be able to resell it without giving them a cut. Crypto Kitties is just Beanie Babies 2.0 digital edition, and its not really world changing, its just another random fad, soon to fade away.

  • @2:36 is not true! Their identity system was not blockchain based, it's impossible since blockchain technology hadn't been invented at the time.
    @6:32 Blockchain is not a database. If you try to use it as a database it won't be a cost effective solution. It's ideal for keeping track of the state of assets, and their owners.
    @7:16 The department of roads & transport never made such announcement as far as I know (@Alux.com please include your source). People in South Africa barely know how to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, that's why there are a lot of scams.

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